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Backing fabric and batting must be square and extend 4-6 inches past the edges of your quilt top on all four sides.

A easy way to check this - is to fold your backing and batting in half and then in half again. Fold your quilt top the same way. Stack the three layers and you should see backing and batting on two sides.


Basic quilting .02-.03 per square inch - Edge to edge quilting patterns with no consideration of placement of the pattern on the borders or blocks.

Basic Custom quilting .035 per square inch - Edge to edge quilting pattern with ONE pattern in border.

Custom quilting .04-.06 per square inch. Block and border patterns are placed on each element of the quilt.

Basting .005 per square inch. I baste a grid of lines about 4" apart. You than take home and machine quilt or hand quilt.

Minimum charge $30.00

How to determine price:
Multiple length X width X square inch price.
Example: Quilt measure 70 X 50 = 3850
3850 X .02 = $77.00

Additional charges:

Centering back: If your back is pieced with blocks or borders around edges and you want your quilt top centered on back there is a $15.00 extra charge. Please be aware that centering a quilt top on backing is difficult and I cannot guarantee exact results.

Mark top of quilt and backing if directional.

Piecing back: $10.00 per seam.

Binding: .10 per running inch. I cut your binding fabric 2 1/2 inches and stitch to your quilt top. Binding will still have to be hand stitched on back of quilt.

Quilt Labels: I feel it's very important to put a label on the back of your quilt documenting who made it and when. I have 2 old quilts that the only information I have about them is they came from my great grandmothers house.

Your choice of white or cream color muslin.

.20 per letter minimum charge $5.00